About the Hackathon

Impact Hacks, IHS Data Science's first hackathon, is here! The week-long hackathon taking place from August 11th-16th will galvanize students to use data science and artificial intelligence to tackle widespread problems in today's world. The theme for this hackathon, social good, can be tackled with data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence in whatever way the competitor sees fit.

IHS Data Science, the organization running Impact Hacks, is a student-run club committed to helping people use data science to help both the local community and society as a whole. For the past year, IHS Data Science has worked with students in Irvington High School to improve students' understanding of data science to help them make a societal impact. With our first hackathon, we aim to expand our impact on the community!



The hackathon will take place from 8/11-8/16 with submission due on 8/16 at 6:00 pm PST.


Anyone of any age and any background is eligible to participate in this hackathon!

Project and Submission Requirements

Provide a link to your Github repository and a publicly visible demonstration video uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.

Ensure that the video is a maximum of 5 minutes in length detailing:

  • What data did you use to draw conclusions?
  • What insights did you gain from analyzing the data?
  • What is your conclusion about change in our society?

Hackathon Sponsors


$50,950 in prizes

Grand Prize

- $500 in cash
- 5x .xyz Domains ($60)
- 2x Thinkboards ($60)
- 5-Year Taskcade Upgrade ($300)

Second Overall

- $50 in cash
- 3x .xyz Domains ($36)
- Thinkboard ($30)
- 5-Year Taskcade Upgrade ($300)

Third Overall

- 2x .xyz Domains ($24)
- Thinkboard($60)
- 5-Year Taskcade Upgrade ($300)

Judge's Choice (5)

- .xyz Domain ($12)

All Participants (300)

1 month free Echo3d Business Plan
25% off 1st year of 1Password Families
1 Year free Taskade upgrades

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Teresa Schichl

Teresa Schichl
Professor at University of Dallas

Chirag Patil

Chirag Patil
Senior Manager for NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and Creativity
    Did the team do something novel, or take a fresh approach to the problem?
  • Usefulness and Feasibility
    Is the project practical? Does it solve the problem?
  • Technical Design and Complexity
    Was the technological aspect of the project hard to build? Did the team use clever techniques or implement complex components?
  • Completion and Functionality
    Is the hack usable? Does it work? Does the hack achieve what the team wanted?
  • Presentation and Clarity
    Are the ideas well organized? Is it presented clearly?

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